Is there something better than Google Groups?

As a Google Groups alternative, Gmelius works to provide users with transparent communication. Within Google Groups, a teammate may respond to an email, but not every member of that team will know. With Gmelius, a team can stay on the same page and maintain their overall project productivity.

Can I use Google Groups as a mailing list?

A Google Groups email list enables you to send an email to a group of people using a single email address, so you don’t need to type in individual emails each time. To create a Google Group email list, fill out and submit the online request form. People you add to the group later can also access the document.

Is Google Groups being discontinued?

In September 2020, Google made new Groups the default experience for all users, but they gave users the option to use classic Groups instead of the new interface. According to Google, starting on November 16, 2020, classic Groups will be turned off for everyone.

Does Google have an app for groups?

Set up the Google Groups app for users and at Google Groups provides additional features for groups (see below). And based on policies you set in your Admin console, users can be allowed to create, manage, and work in groups in a variety of ways.

Why am I not getting Google Group emails?

If you’re having trouble signing in or seeing emails from your groups, try these solutions: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Check that you’re signed in with the correct email address. Make sure you’re an active member.

How do I get Google Groups?

Either visit or click the apps chooser (grid icon) on the top of any Google page. Once on the Groups page, click the My Groups button.

How does a Google group work?

Groups such as project teams, departments, or classmates can communicate and collaborate using Google Groups. If you want to invite a group to an event, or share documents with a group, you can send a single email to everyone in the group.

Can anyone use Google Groups?

You need a Google Account to join and participate in groups. However, you can’t join groups using a Google Account that is set up for a child under 13. If a group is public, you can search for and read the group’s messages without joining it.

How does a Google Group work?

Where do Google group emails go?

If you’ve set any groups to send email to your alternate email address, Google now delivers emails from Groups to the primary email address on your Google Account.

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