What order should I read James Ellroy books?

L.A. Quartet

  • The Black Dahlia (1987)
  • The Big Nowhere (1988)
  • L.A. Confidential (1990)
  • White Jazz (1992)
  • The L.A. Quartet (2019)

Where should I start with Ellroy?

If you want to start with Ellroy, start with the LA Quartet: The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, LA Confidential and White Jazz. Four standalone books with recurring characters that pack a powerful cumulative punch.

Is James Ellroy good?

Ellroy has already been named as “the modern master of hard-boiled fiction” (the Guardian) and “one of the great American writers of our time” (LA Times). He himself says, modestly: “I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime novelist who ever lived.

Who wrote The Black Dahlia?

James EllroyThe Black Dahlia / Author

Is Widespread Panic part of the second LA quartet?

It isn’t the anticipated third volume in his historically epic Second L.A. Quartet, the prequel series to the L.A. Quartet, which provided his popular breakthrough—particularly after L.A. Confidential (1990) inspired such a well-received movie.

Why is it called Black Dahlia?

The band, based in Michigan, took its name from the unsolved murder of actress Elizabeth Smart, often referred to as Black Dahlia, Rolling Stone reported. Smart’s body was found in Los Angeles on Jan. 15, 1947, according to the FBI.

When was the Black Dahlia written?

September 1987
The Black Dahlia is the first book in Ellroy’s L.A. Quartet, a cycle of novels set in 1940s and 1950s Los Angeles. He portrays the city in this period as a hotbed of political corruption and depravity….The Black Dahlia (novel)

1st ed. cover
Author James Ellroy
Publisher The Mysterious Press
Publication date September 1987

Is Black Dahlia solved?

In 2017, British author Piu Eatwell announced that she had finally solved the decades-old case, and published her findings in a book called Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America’s Greatest Unsolved Murder.

Why is she called Black Dahlia?

The young woman turned out to be a 22-year-old Hollywood hopeful named Elizabeth Short—later dubbed the “Black Dahlia” by the press for her rumored penchant for sheer black clothes and for the Blue Dahlia movie out at that time.

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