What is happening on the M27?

Major project to increase the capacity of the main M27. Was due to be finishing up in December 2020, now it’s somehow going to drag on until mid-February 2022.

What dates is the M27 closed?

Surfacing work in May

Date Junction Location
11 to 17 May Junctions 8 to 9 Eastbound carriageway
18, 19 & 20 May Junctions 9 to 8 Westbound carriageway
20 & 22 May M3 southbound to M27 eastbound Link at junction 4
20, 21 & 22 May Junction 8 Eastbound exit slip

What Junction is Portsmouth on M27?

Junction 12
M27 / M275 – Junction 12 – Intersection in Portsmouth.

How many junctions does the M27 have?

Three sections of the M27 have since been widened to four lanes each way, the first between Junctions 7 and 8, the second between Junctions 3 and 4, and the third begins at the slip road where Junction 11 joins until mid-way to junction 12….M27 motorway.

Country United Kingdom

Is the M27 fully open?

The end result will be an all-lane running smart motorway, which means the introduction of a fourth traffic lane. However, the hard shoulder will be retained between junctions 7 and 8. National Highways previously informed HampshireLive that they expected the ‘upgraded’ M27 to fully open up to motorists in spring 2022.

Is the M27 still going to be a smart motorway?

National Highways’ upgrade of the M27 motorway enters its final stages this week, with a new lane becoming available for traffic and extra safety measures installed.

Is M27 a smart motorway?

How many miles long is the M27?

27.9 miM27 / Length

Are the average speed cameras on M27 working?

Average speed cameras are in place along the M27 as part of smart motorway construction work. So how can you avoid a fine? The bright yellow camera gantries, installed near Portsmouthin December 2018, are used to enforce a 50mph speed limit as work continues on the M27 smart motorway scheme.

What is the speed limit on the M27?

Speed limits have been reduced to 50mph with average speed cameras in place. Agency workers were due to start removing traffic cones and barriers from the stretch on Saturday night, with four lanes open in both directions. The speed limit will then be 60mph, with extra CCTV and a free recovery service.

When was M27 built?

1972M27 / Constructed

Is the M27 a smart motorway?

Highways England is creating a smart motorway on the M27 between junctions 4 to 11. This means that the hard shoulder will be turned into a permanent running lane, converting it into a dual four lane smart motorway.

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