How do you get more points in OvenBreak?

So, here are some points you need to consider when running at the ovenbreak level.

  1. Don’t touch the ground.
  2. Learn from other players.
  3. Consider joining quests.
  4. Know who are relay & front Cookies.
  5. Aim for Magic Candies!
  6. Opt for maximum power.
  7. Take Cookie Trials.
  8. Know the worth of the spirit potions.

Are there codes in OvenBreak?

Thank you for playing Cookie Run: OvenBreak! There are two types of coupon codes that can be redeemed through our site: (1) Some Cookie Run coupon codes are one-time use per player account. Once this coupon has been used, it cannot be reused.

How do you enter cheats in Cookie Run: OvenBreak?

How do I redeem Cookie Run: OvenBreak codes?

  1. Open Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  2. Press the cog in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and touch ‘enter coupon code’
  4. Type in your code.
  5. Push ‘claim reward’

How do you get rainbow cubes in OvenBreak?

Obtaining Rainbow Cubes Rainbow Cubes are available in smaller amounts from Daily Quests or from Lobby rewards. They are also available from completing a certain amount of Diary Missions and can be bought in the Diary Shop. Cookies who give Rainbow Cubes will give 10 or 12 per day based on their Affection.

What is the best Cookie in cookie run?

Hollyberry Cookie is by far one of the best tanks in Cookie Run Kingdom. Her Oath on the Shield ability deals good single-target damage but, more importantly, absorbs a portion of the damage dealt to allies. Due to the nature of each cookie being situational, no one cookie is better than the rest.

Why are my Cookies so weak cookie run?

If your cookies lack strength, make sure you have as many Toppings equipped to them as possible. Toppings are the equipment system in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and different Toppings boost different stats. Put defensive Toppings on your frontline cookies and cooldown or attack Toppings on your healers and attacker cookies.

What is the best cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak?

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Best Characters Tier List

Tier Cookie
S-Tier Peppermint Cookie
A-Tier White Choco Cookie
A-Tier Sorbet Shark Cookie
A-Tier Snow Sugar Cookie

Are there codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

There are currently no active Cookie Run: Kingdom codes.

How do you get Moonlight Cookies in OvenBreak?

Moonlight Cookie/OvenBreak

  1. Release Date. March 21st, 2017.
  2. Gender. Female.
  3. How to Unlock. Unlocked by purchasing at the Breakout Shop / Breakout Reward (Breakout Cycle)

Where can I farm rainbow cubes?

The best way to farm them is to participate in Events, which distribute a fair amount of Rainbow Cubes in exchange for completing various tasks. Events run for a limited period, which means that you need to play the game quite a bit to reap all the rewards.

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