What is slugging for?

Slugging is a catchy term that means slathering your face with petroleum jelly as the last step of your evening skin-care routine. The practice leaves your face as slimy as slug mucus (hence the name).

How long does slugging take to work?

In order to notice results, you need to slug consistently for four to six weeks. Slugging cannot repair your skin or your skin’s appearance overnight.

Do you wash face after slugging?

Yes, it is better to avoid slugging if you have acne-prone skin. Should you wash your face after slugging? No, go to sleep right after slugging and wash your face in the morning.

Should I try slugging?

“I think slugging is a great skin-care technique in the wintertime and especially good for those with dry or sensitive skin,” Dr. Marchbein says. “Petroleum jelly is an occlusive that is not only amazing at soothing irritated skin and promoting wound healing, but it can act as a protective barrier for the skin.”

How does the slug line work?

Slugging is referred to as casual carpooling. The way it works is this: A car needing additional passengers to meet the required three-person high occupancy vehicle (HOV) minimum pulls up to one of the known slug lines. The driver calls out the destination, such as “Pentagon” “L’Enfant Plaza” or “14th and New York.”

Do you have to wash face after slugging?

Is it OK to slug every night?

For best results, Dr. Que recommends using the slug life routine at night to ensure that your skin is as clean as possible before putting on your moisturizer. And Dr. Sisto says you can do it as frequently as every night if you wish.

Can I Slug with retinol?

Dr. Mariwalla says coating your skin with Vaseline after applying retinoids or AHA acids would increase penetration of these ingredients, potentially leading to irritation. Instead, live the “slug life” on nights where your routine is focused on moisturization. Dr.

Can I do slugging everyday?

“Slugging could prevent that water loss from happening, helping your skin kick-start the process of repairing your skin barrier,” says Yoon. Of course, slugging is not for everybody—and even if it works for you, you might not want to “slug” on the daily.

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