What is a banjo style fitting?

A banjo fitting is a hydraulic fitting consisting of a perforated hollow bolt, or internally relieved bolt, and a spherical union for fluid transfer. It is typically used to connect a fluid line to a rigid, internally threaded hydraulic component.

Why is it called a banjo fitting?

Banjo bolts get their name from the shape of the fitting, which has a large circular section coupled to a thin pipe. This construction gives it the form of a musical instrument known as the banjo.

What thread are banjo fittings?

Banjo Bolt, Thread Size: M12 x 1.5; Bolt Length: 20mm.

How does a banjo fitting seal?

The sealing surfaces on a banjo fitting depend on compression forced on it by the threads of the banjo bolts. Once you visualize that, you can understand why sometimes people will strip the threads while trying to clamp it hard enough to stop any seepage.

Can you reuse banjo bolts?

The bolts are good. You can reuse copper crush washers by annealing them. Aluminum ones tend to leak.

How much torque should a banjo bolt have?

Instructions: Do not lubricate bolt. With two new crush washers installed, torque bolt to 96 – 120 in-lbs. (do not exceed 144 in-lbs).

Is standard for banjo bolt?

DIN 7642 is for Compression couplings – Ring type nipples for brazed connection. Metric banjo fittings is often used in hydraulic hose system, match with DIN Braided Hose Inserts, also called banjo bolt, as per DIN 7643 standard.

How do you measure banjo bolt size?

The banjo bolts are on the fuel line and connect to the mechanical fuel pump bolted to the engine. The metric banjo bolts measure a follows. Shank 7.9mm in diameter, bore 3.8mm, length under side of the head to end of thread 16.35mm. Thread length 9.3mm and the are 9 threads in that length.

Do banjo bolt holes need to line up?

Those seals allow fluid to pass around the bolt, which means the holes do not need to line up unlike a standard threaded fitting, making installation of flexible lines easy (and in many cases, even possible in the first place.)

What is the torque on a banjo bolt?

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