Who plays Light Yagami in Death Note: The Musical?

Kenji Urai
Kenji Urai. Kenji Urai played the role of Light Yagami in the Japanese language production of Death Note: The Musical in 2015 and 2017. He was double-cast in the role along with Hayato Kakizawa.

What happened to Death Note: The Musical?

Following a workshop performance in New York, the musical later premiered in Tokyo in 2015 and it was a success, with overseas shows in South Korea and Taiwan. And now, ‘Death Note: The Musical’ is returning to Tokyo in January 2020 with an all-new cast.

Is there an English version of the Death Note musical?

Death Note: The Musical is a stage production based on the Death Note manga series. The music was composed by Frank Wildhorn with lyrics by Jack Murphy and script by Ivan Menchell. The musical was originally written in English and translated into Japanese and Korean for their respective productions in 2015.

Will the Death Note musical come to America?

Back in December 2013, a musical play for Death Note was put into development before it debuted in April 2015 – and now that play will be making its way to America.

What gender is Rem from Death Note?

female Shinigami
In the manga and anime, Rem tells Misa that she is a female Shinigami. In Death Note: The Last Name, this is not mentioned, leaving her gender ambiguous.

Is Matsuda in the Death Note musical?

Musical. In Death Note: The Musical, Matsuda is a member of the Task Force, although he is not named in the production. His name is provided on the Korean production credits and in the English lyrics for Change the World.

Who wrote the death note musical?

Frank WildhornDeath Note: The Musical / Composer

Is there a death note musical?

Death Note: The Musical is a musical based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The score is by Frank Wildhorn, with lyrics by Jack Murphy and book by Ivan Menchell. Development for the musical was announced in December 2013.

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