What grease does SKF use?

SKF LGHP 2 is a premium quality mineral oil based grease, using a modern Polyurea (di-urea) thickener.

Which grease is best?

Best Grease Reviews & Recommendations 2020

  • Best Overall. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease.
  • Best Value. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease.
  • Honorable Mention. Maxima 80916 Waterproof Grease.
  • Honorable Mention. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic Wheel Bearing Grease.
  • Honorable Mention.
  • Honorable Mention.
  • Honorable Mention.

What is the best high temp grease?

WD-40 Specialist High-Temp Grease excels at high-temperature lubrication. It has a drop point of 625 degrees and works well between -40 degrees and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. WD-40 Specialist High-Temp Grease is designed to lower friction and lengthen the life of machinery with high-speed bearings.

What does NLGI stand for in grease?

National Lubricating Grease Institute
Traditionally, a grease’s stiffness is indicated by its penetration value and is evaluated using the standardized National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) grade chart. The NLGI number is a measure of the grease’s consistency as indicated by its worked penetration value.

Does the color of grease mean anything?

One thing we are sure of, however – color does not denote a particular type of grease, whether it is red, green, blue or yellow. The color is simply a dye added by manufacturers for marketing purposes, to more easily distinguish the different greases in their product lines.

What is white lithium grease?

White lithium grease is a lubricant that typically comes in an aerosol form. It is a heavy-duty lubricant that is used for metal to metal applications. Lithium is a type of thickener, so it not only provides structure to hold the oil in place, but it also acts as a sponge by releasing small amounts of oil during use.

What is the difference between #1 and #2 grease?

Less thickener makes a #1 grease more tractable and slippery, while #2 grease has more thickener, making it stiffer and great for all-purpose applications.

What is the difference between 0 and 00 grease?

This institute developed the NLGI Consistency Grade Scale, which assigns numerical ratings in relation to the hardness of the grease. The scale ranks as follows: 000 is very fluid, 00 is semi-fluid, 0 is fluid, 1 is soft, 2 is medium, 3 is medium-hard, 4 is hard, 5 is very hard, and 6 is block.

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