Do I need live rock in a fish only tank?

Fish-Only Tanks A fish-only tank is perhaps the most basic type of saltwater aquarium because all you have to worry about is fish – you do not need to install additional equipment to meet the needs of corals and you do not need to worry about cultivating live rock.

What fish can you put with damsels?

To play it safe, stick with species from Chrysiptera like Azure, Talbot, Springer’s, Rolland’s, Yellowtail, Tracey’s, Tuxedo (research, these look very similar to the striped damsels of the Dascyllus genus, you don’t wanna end up with a Three-Stripe or Four-Stripe) maybe King (Chrysiptera Rex) demoiselles too.

Do damsels and clownfish get along?

Once they establish territories and live with each other long enough, they should be fine. Although there’s always an exception. It’s possible the pairs would get along right from the get-go. But then again, they could be fighting constantly.

Do saltwater tanks need corals?

Coral helps to create balance in a fish tank, so it’s wise to buy saltwater coral if you have a plethora of fish, crabs, and other sea life. Certain species of crabs, shrimp, and even fish have symbiotic relationships with corals and can benefit greatly from having them in the aquarium.

Do you need a protein skimmer for fish only saltwater tank?

No, you don’t necessarily need a protein skimmer. Unless you are keeping a nano reef tank, a protein skimmer is completely optional.

What is the most popular fish in the Great Barrier reef?

Wrasse: There are all shapes, sizes and colours of this common class of fish. You might have heard about the friendly Maori Wrasse – this is one of the most popular types found at the reef.

Are damsels aggressive fish?

Damselfish get a really bad rap in the saltwater aquarium hobby. They are highly aggressive, bite your hand if you put it in the tank, have been known to harass timid tank mates to death, and are a pain to remove if you have to take one out of your tank.

Can you mix damselfish?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t try to keep different species of Damsels together in the same aquarium. You should keep to one species of Damsel per aquarium. If you’ve got a small aquarium it’s also generally a bad idea to mix other species with Damsels. You should only do this in larger aquariums.

Do blue damsels change color?

While difference in coloration can indicate a health issue it’s normal for damsels and other fish like yellow tangs to show a noticeable change in coloration after the lights have been off or in response to stress like bullying.

Why is my Domino Damsel turning white?

A domino damsel may turn white if tank conditions are incorrect – meaning it may be ill or may be suffering with stress. Even the feistiest of fish can feel stressed out sometimes, and if your domino is losing its black marks and is slowly turning white, you might want to change the way you have set up your tank.

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