What is deep compositing in Nuke?

With Nuke’s Deep compositing node set, you can render the background once, and later move your objects to different places and depths, without having to re-render the background.

How do you shuffle node in nuke?

You can use Nuke’s Shuffle node to rearrange the channels from a single image (B input) or two images (B and A inputs) and then output the result to the next node in your compositing tree. Select Channels > Shuffle or press Tab in the Node Graph and type Shuffle to create a Shuffle node.

Why Nuke is better than after effects?

Short Verdict. After Effects is the industry-standard tool for compositing, visual effects, and motion graphics, while Nuke is quickly rising as a stellar force in compositing and visual effects. After Effects can be used for a much broader range of applications compared to Nuke.

How do you do a deep holdout?

To create a holdout using the DeepMerge node:

  1. Connect the deep image you want to remove or fade parts from to input B.
  2. Connect the deep image with the occluding parts to input A.
  3. In the DeepMerge properties, set operation to holdout.
  4. You can filter out samples using the drop zero threshold control.

What is Unpremult in nuke?

Premult and Unpremult in NUKE are nodes that can sometimes be overlooked. This is because the effects of using them or the lack of using them may not seem to be too apparent until you get up close or make drastic changes.

What does the copy node do in nuke?

The Copy node – Nuke Tutorial The channel copy node copies both channels and layers between node trees. Its default setup is to copy the alpha channel, but you can quickly set it up to copy any number of channels or entire layers.

Should I learn After Effects or Nuke?

After Effects is designed to work seamlessly with other Adobe editing products such as Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Nuke is a visual effect platform that focuses highly on compositing. It also has collaboration tools that make it easy for projects to move between different designers and reviewers.

Which is better Nuke or Fusion?

Fusion may be the best choice for beginners as a VFX artist, but its tools can start to be lacking very quickly. While Nuke offers advanced node-based compositing, 3D tracking and modeling, matching, and more.

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