Is the Toyota Wish a good car?

The Wish is considered highly reliable and safe for owners. There have been few issues since it was first introduced in 2003 and thus far has been exempt from problems that have plagued Toyota’s other models in recent years.

What is Toyota Wish problem?

The Wish has affordable maintenance in terms of parts and technology, however, it has common problems that owners have experienced, especially those who have had it for more than three years. The first common problem has to do with a rattling engine that even triggers the oil lamp to illuminate.

What is the fuel consumption of a Toyota Wish?

Fuel Consumption Summary

Driver’s Fuel Consumption
Best: 4.5 litre/100km (22.0km/litre)
Worse: 55.6 litre/100km (1.8km/litre)
Average: 7.7 litre/100km (12.97km/litre)

Why Toyota Wish a good car?

It’s one of the more powerful MPVs out there even when compared to zippy hybrids. There’s enough power to overtake on the highways and to get you off the line quick. Besides the engine, driving the Wish is a breeze. It has light steering and it is easy to manoeuvre despite it being long.

Is Toyota Wish discontinued?

Discontinuation. Sales of the Wish was discontinued in Taiwan in 2016, where it was replaced by the Sienta, and was also discontinued in Japan on 13 October 2017 and in Singapore in mid 2018, where Prius α and the Sienta replaced the outgoing Wish.

Is Toyota Wish a 4WD?

Is Toyota Wish I 1.8 X 4WD All Wheel Drive (AWD)? Yes, the Toyota Wish I 1.8 X 4WD is All Wheel Drive (AWD).

Is Toyota Wish a 7 seater?

The Toyota Wish is a compact MPV produced by Japanese automaker Toyota from 2003 to 2017. It is available as a six and seven-seater, equipped with either a 1.8- or 2.0-litre gasoline engine.

How long is Toyota Wish?

Toyota Wish I 1.8 X Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Wheelbase : 275 cm or 108.27 inches
Length : 456 cm or 179.53 inches
Width : 169.5 cm or 66.73 inches
Height : 159 cm or 62.6 inches

What engine is in Toyota Wish?

It is powered by Toyota’s Dual VVT-i 2ZR-FAE and 3ZR-FAE engines. All models come with Toyota’s 7-speed Super CVT-i transmission.

Which engine is in Toyota Wish?

How much horsepower does a Toyota Wish have?

Toyota Wish I 2.0 G Engine Technical Data
Compression Ratio : 10.50
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 155 PS or 153 bhp or 114 kW @ 6000 rpm
Maximum torque : 192.0 Nm or 141 lb.ft @ 6000 rpm
Drive wheels – Traction – Drivetrain : FWD

What is the engine capacity for Toyota Wish?

1,764 – 1,998cc
Toyota Wish: Basic Specifications

length 4.55 – 4.6m height 1.59 – 1.6m width 1.745 – 1.745m
Maximum power 125 – 158ps
Drive Type AWD/FF
Engine Capacity 1,764 – 1,998cc
Number of Seats 6 – 7

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