How do you change background opacity in PowerPoint?

To make an area of your background image transparent:

  1. Launch PowerPoint and access your presentation.
  2. Double-click on the image, then from “Picture Tools” select “Picture Tools Format,” then “Color.”
  3. Select “Set Transparent Color,” then once the pointer changes, click on the color you wish to make transparent.

How do I fade a picture into the background in PowerPoint?

Right-click on the slide and select Format Background > Picture or texture fill. From there, you can pick your image from any number of places: the clipboard, online, or from a file on your local device. Next, use the transparency slider.

How do I make a picture background transparent?

You can create a transparent area in most pictures.

  1. Select the picture that you want to create transparent areas in.
  2. Click Picture Tools > Recolor > Set Transparent Color.
  3. In the picture, click the color you want to make transparent. Notes:
  4. Select the picture.
  5. Press CTRL+T.

How do I change the opacity in PowerPoint 2013?

Simply right-click on the image, then choose the Format Picture option. You can then select the Picture button at the top of the Format Picture column, then expand the Picture Transparency section and drag the Transparency slider.

Where can I get transparent images?

Best Websites to Find Images with a Transparent Background

  1. CleanPNG. The CleanPNG website is clean and easy to use.
  2. StickPNG. StickPNG is another website that features nothing but images with transparent backgrounds.
  3. PNGTree. PNGTree has an absolutely massive database of transparent images.
  4. FavPNG.
  5. FreePNGImages.

How do you fade a picture half in Powerpoint?

Use Insert > Shape to draw a shape over the area you want to blur. On the Format tab, select Shape Fill > Eyedropper. With the Eyedropper, click a part of the picture whose color approximates the color you want the blurred shape to be. On the Format tab, select Shape Effects > Soft Edges.

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