How do you cut an onion without crying?

A dull knife smashes rather than slices, doing more damage to the onions’ cells and thereby releasing more of the tear-inducing compound. You can also try chilling your onions. It takes foresight, but chilling peeled, halved onions in the fridge or in a bowl of ice water for 30 minutes can lessen the chemical’s effect.

How do you cut onions without crying paper towels?

Try the Paper Towel Method First up is the paper towel method, which became a popular #onionhack topic on TikTok in 2021. The trick is to place a damp paper towel next to the onion while cutting to help absorb some of the tear-inducing chemicals.

How do you soothe your eyes after cutting onions?

Freeze the onion. Make sure you don’t leave the onion in the freezer to long or it will be difficult to cut. Another trick for stopping the stinging is to peel the onion and soak it in a bowl for 10-15 minutes to, theoretically, pull the chemicals into the water.

Does lighting a candle help when cutting onions?

When you peel or cut into an onion, it releases gaseous sulfur compounds that irritate the eyes. – My favorite trick is to light a large candle near the cutting board. The flame will help burn off the sulfur compounds released by the onion.

Will a wet paper towel help with cutting onions?

“If you place a wet paper towel next to your chopping board, the onion will gravitate towards that, and not your eyes. “It really works! Give it a try!”

Are Cut onions attracted to water?

In a video response to @xxbaileyelizabethxx chopping onions, Sally, aka @cerealeatingghost, explained that the acid in onions is naturally attracted to the nearest water source, which usually happens to be my tear ducts as I’m meal prepping salads or whipping up a creamy bowl of pasta for dinner.

Why do onions hurt my eyes so much?

When an onion is sliced or diced, the onion’s cells release these compounds into the air. When this occurs, “enzyme” works to alter the amino acids into lachrymator compounds. This form of sulfuric acid irritates the nerves around the eyes making them tear.

How do you slice an onion?

Method for Slicing an Onion from Stem to Root

  1. Cut off the stem end: Cut off the stem end of the onion by about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.
  2. Trim the root end, keeping it intact: Trim the roots but keep the root end intact.
  3. Cut the onion in half:
  4. Peel back the onion skin:
  5. Slice the onion, making angled cuts:
  6. Make a “V” cut:

Does putting a wet paper towel next to an onion?

Why it works “If you place a wet paper towel next to your onion while cutting, the wet paper towel will absorb the chemical instead of your eyes. “Now THIS is a tip you can use.”

Does cold water help cut onions?

Cut onions in cold water. By cutting the onions while submerged in cold water prevents the gas from leaking out into the air.

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