How does the chain goes through rear derailleur?

Thread the chain counterclockwise around the tension pulley, again making sure to keep it inside the derailleur cage. The chain end now points to the right or hangs off the right side of the derailleur cage. Continue holding the end of the chain that is now threaded through the rear derailleur.

What do the H and L screws do on a derailleur?

Your derailleur has two limit screws. For the outer limit, you adjust the H-Screw, so your chain does not fall between the cog and the dropout and for the inner limit, you turn the L-Screw, keeping the chain from derailing towards the spokes.

What is H and L on derailleur?

These are set using the barrel adjuster and tension on the inner wire. The limit screws are usually marked “H” and “L”. The “H” controls the outer most limit of the derailleur, and the “L” controls the inner most limit. Test the shifting by pulling the inner wire.

Which way does a Shimano chain go?

This means that the HG-X chain is directional. It must be installed in a specific manner — the Shimano logo should be right-side up on the section of chain between the top of the cassette and the top of the chain ring.

Do limit screws affect shifting?

Limit screws set the extremes for which a derailleur can travel. Too often people wrongly play with these screws when shifting goes bad. Another to consider is B-tension, which adjusts the rear derailleur body angle (or more simply, the height gap between the derailleur and cassette).

What are the three screws on a rear derailleur?

On most derailleurs there are three limit screws: the upper limit, Lower limit, and B-limit. The upper limit screw sets the maximum distance the derailleur can shift in high gears. The lower limit screw sets the maximum distance the derailleur can shift in the lower gears.

Is Shimano chain directional?

One of the most common questions about replacing a bicycle chain is, are bicycle chains directional? Some bicycle chains are directional. SRAM chains are not directional; however, Shimano chains are (the engravings on the chain must be facing away from the bike).

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