Does Foscam have motion detection?

To do this on the Foscam, simply go to Settings -> Alarm -> Motion Detection. (Note: be sure you have installed their browser plug-in otherwise this menu won’t be available. The camera’s login screen provides a link to download the plug-in.) From here, select Set Detection Area.

What is triggered interval Foscam?

Triggered Interval: Do you not want constant notifications when you bring in messages? The interval ensures that a new notification does not take place immediately after every movement. The time you set here is the minimum time between 2 notifications.

How do I record Foscam motion detection?


  1. Step 1: Setup of the Motion Detection Settings. 1)Navigate to Settings → Alarm → Motion Detection. 2)Check the checkbox by Enable.
  2. Step 2: Setup the Storage Location. Navigate to Settings → Record → Storage Location. Select SD Card from the Recording Location drop down menu and click Save.

How do I set up motion detection on my IP camera?

Set Motion Detection Alarm for Network Camera

  1. Enter the Settings page of the network camera.
  2. Tap Notification to enter the Notification page.
  3. Draw motion detection area.
  4. Tap to go back to the Notification page and tap Motion Detection Sensitivity, and then adjust the slider to adjust the motion detection sensitivity.

What does trigger interval mean?

The trigger interval is the quiet time after the camera finishes sending a picture before it can take the next one. Depending on the camera model and signal strength, you are probably looking at from 40 seconds to a minute and a half between pics.

What is alarm interval?

Alarm interval: After enabling motion detection, if motion is detected, the camera will notify you. You can type in a number between 30 with 300 to set the time interval between two alarms.

Does foscam record video?

Overview: This article will introduce the process of setting up a Foscam HD camera to automatically record at specified times. This process is referred to as Schedule Recording on the Foscam device. The video files can be stored on a SD card installed in the camera or to a FTP server.

What sensitivity should I use for security cameras?

You can adjust the sensitivity slider up or down. 0 is the least sensitive, and 100 is the most sensitive. The default setting is 95, but if your camera faces the street, you may need to set it as low as 50 for a good balance between prompt detection and filtering out false alerts.

How do you set sensitivity and threshold?

Sensitivity determines how sensitive the camera is to motion….To adjust threshold or sensitivity:

  1. Right-click on the Live View to access the Quick Menu toolbar.
  2. Click Main Menu and then click the Setting icon ( ).
  3. Click Event > Motion.
  4. Click the Motion Detect tab.
  5. Click Channel and select the camera to be configured.

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