What is inner join and outer join in db2?

Inner join. Combines each row of the left table with each row of the right table, keeping only the rows in which the join condition is true. Outer join. Includes the rows that are produced by the inner join, plus the missing rows, depending on the type of outer join: Left outer join.

What is left outer join SQL?

A left outer join is a method of combining tables. The result includes unmatched rows from only the table that is specified before the LEFT OUTER JOIN clause. If you are joining two tables and want the result set to include unmatched rows from only one table, use a LEFT OUTER JOIN clause or a RIGHT OUTER JOIN clause.

When to use left join vs Right join?

The LEFT JOIN includes all records from the left side and matched rows from the right table, whereas RIGHT JOIN returns all rows from the right side and unmatched rows from the left table….LEFT JOIN vs. RIGHT JOIN.

It is also known as LEFT OUTER JOIN. It is also called as RIGHT OUTER JOIN.

What is inner join in DB2?

Introduction to Db2 INNER JOIN clause The INNER JOIN is one of the join clauses that allow you to query data from two or more related tables. The INNER JOIN clause combines each row from the first table with every row from the second table, keeping only the rows in which the join condition evaluates to true.

Can join be used without on?

Omit the ON clause from the JOIN statement In MySQL, it’s possible to have a JOIN statement without ON as ON is an optional clause.

What is difference between left outer join and right outer join?

The key difference between a left outer join, and a right outer join is that in a left outer join it’s the table in the FROM clause whose all rows are returned. Whereas, in a right outer join we are returning all rows from the table specified in the join clause.

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