Which team has the best bullpen ERA?

1) Braves. Closer: RHP Kenley Jansen.

  • 2) White Sox. Closer: RHP Liam Hendriks.
  • 3) Brewers. Closer: LHP Josh Hader.
  • 4) Yankees. Closer: LHP Aroldis Chapman.
  • 5) Giants. Closer: LHP Jake McGee.
  • 6) Angels. Closer: RHP Raisel Iglesias.
  • 7) Rays. Closer: RHP Andrew Kittredge.
  • 8) Dodgers. Closer: RHP Blake Treinen.
  • Who leads the MLB in bullpen ERA?

    MLB Stats – Team Bullpen ERA 2021

    Team ERA H
    LA Angels LAA 4.59 613
    Pittsburgh PIT 4.55 583
    Detroit DET 4.50 616
    Chi. Cubs CHC 4.39 532

    Who has the highest ERA in 2021?


    1 C. Burnes MIL 167.0
    2 M. Scherzer NYM 179.1
    3 W. Buehler LAD 207.2
    4 B. Woodruff MIL 179.1
    5 Z. Wheeler PHI 213.1

    Who has the best ERA in MLB history?

    Ed Walsh holds the MLB earned run average record with a 1.816.

    What team has the highest ERA?

    MLB Team Earned Run Average

    Rank Team 2021
    1 LA Dodgers 3.02
    2 NY Yankees 3.78
    3 Houston 3.84
    4 Minnesota 4.83

    What is the best ERA in baseball?

    Who has the lowest ERA ever?

    The lowest single-season ERA in league history was posted by Tim Keefe, whose 0.86 ERA in 105 innings pitched for the National League’s Troy Trojans in 1880 led his closest competitor by .

    What is a good ERA?

    In 21st century baseball, an ERA below 4.00 is considered good, and anything below 3.00 is great. An ERA below 2.00 is rare and signifies an exceptional pitcher. Anything above 5.00 is terrible, and generally, pitchers with that ERA either pitch during blow-out games or get sent to the minor leagues. What is this?

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