What number did Tug McGraw wear for the Mets?

The Mystery of the #56 Tug McGraw jersey – The Mets Police.

Was Tug McGraw on the 69 Mets?

As a reliever and occasional starter for the Mets, Tug McGraw often found himself in the thick of the action. During the 1969 NLCS, he pitched three scoreless innings to end Game 2 in an 11-6 Mets victory over the Atlanta Braves on the road.

When did Tug McGraw play for the Mets?

Tug McGraw
Saves 180
New York Mets (1965–1967, 1969–1974) Philadelphia Phillies (1975–1984)
Career highlights and awards

Is Tim McGraw a Phillies fan?

McGraw is a loyal Phillies fan, too. Last year, before one of the World Series games, he spread his Dad’s ashes on the pitcher’s mound at Citizens Bank Park. “It was fun,” he says. “The weirdest part about it was that I had never been to a World Series game.

Did Tug McGraw raise Tim McGraw?

The country music singer learned at age 11 that his father was pro baseball star Tug McGraw. Tim McGraw may have grown up without knowing his father, pro baseball star Tug McGraw, but the two later formed a special bond.

Is Tug McGraw related to McGraw?

John McGraw was long dead by the time Tug McGraw (no relation) was making his way back to the big leagues.

Is Tim McGraw left or right handed?

We found another left handed jewel, Faith Hill. Faith and her husband, Tim McGraw are just the coolest couple! They’ve been in the public eye as a couple for over 20 years and have been married for over 20. This is the coolest find of the day.

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