What year was Baywatch Season 1?


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
1 21 September 22, 1989
2 22 October 5, 1991
3 22 September 20, 1992

Who plays Matt Brody’s dad in Baywatch?

David Charvet
Matt Brody (David Charvet); (seasons 3–5, recurring season 6) – Matt’s stern father give Matt an ultimate: go to France with him or stay in LA and support himself. Stephanie and CJ allow Matt to couch surf for a short time.

How long was Nicole Eggert on Baywatch?

three seasons
Nicole Eggert played Summer Quinn for three seasons. Summer was the kind and hard-working girl-next-door. But after three seasons, Eggert said she left the series after feeling “unhappy” with the way the show was affecting her reputation.

Who played Amy in Baywatch?

Christine Elise
“Baywatch” Rookie School (TV Episode 1989) – Christine Elise as Amy Laederach, Catherine Baker – IMDb.

Will there be a Baywatch 2?

The ‘Baywatch’ Sequel Is in Motion, and Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron Seem Like They’re on Board.

Why did Matt Brody leave Baywatch?

David Charvet has no regrets about leaving Hollywood behind. The French-born former actor and pop star, who famously played Matt Brody on “Baywatch,” chose to leave the spotlight and reinvent himself as the “father I wanted to be.”

How old is Summer in Baywatch?

17 years old
Physical Appearance Summer was an athletic young woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a tattoo around her right ankle. Summer was 17 years old when she joined Baywatch in season three. She was one of the smallest lifeguards at 157 cm (5′ 2″) and 50 kg (110 lb).

Who plays CJ in New Baywatch?

Kelly Rohrbach
Here’s what Kelly Rohrbach is up to currently Kelly Rohrbach has worked in some of the most popular movies. Her most recent and prominent role being that C J Parker in the movie Baywatch. She was one of the lifeguards on the beach.


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