Where is Pan Books located?

Clerkenwell, London
Pan Books is a publishing imprint that first became active in the 1940s and is now part of the British-based Macmillan Publishers, owned by the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group of Germany….Pan Books.

Parent company Macmillan Publishers
Headquarters location Clerkenwell, London

Where is Macmillan Publishers located?

About Macmillan Macmillan is a division of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a large family-owned media company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

How do I download Macmillan books?

Sign up for a Macmillan Learning eBook account (optional)

  1. If you are creating a new account:
  2. If you already have a Macmillan Learning eBook account:
  3. From the online reader.
  4. Choose device and click “Download”
  5. Open the app and log in.
  6. Follow download prompt.
  7. Open your book and start reading.

Is Picador a publishing company?

Picador is an imprint of Pan Macmillan in the United Kingdom and Australia and of Macmillan Publishing in the United States. Both companies are owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.

Is Pan Macmillan part of Macmillan?

Pan Macmillan is part of the Macmillan Group, which operates in over 70 countries worldwide. Macmillan Publishers is a global trade book publishing company with prominent imprints around the world. Macmillan publishes a broad range of award-winning books for children and adults in all categories and format.

Who is Pan Macmillan?

Pan Macmillan is part of the Macmillan group which was founded in 1843, is one of the largest and best-known international publishers in the world and operates in over 70 countries worldwide. Macmillan is known for its high-quality academic and scholarly, educational, fiction and non-fiction and reference publishing.

Who distributes Macmillan books?

Macmillan US | Publishers Distributed by Raincoast Books | Raincoast Books.

Is Macmillan a public company?

Macmillan Publishers Ltd (occasionally known as the Macmillan Group) is a British publishing company traditionally considered to be one of the ‘Big Five’ English language publishers….Macmillan Publishers.

Parent company Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
Official website macmillan.com

How do I access Macmillan eBooks?

You can access all eBooks you’ve bought from Macmillan at any time by logging into your ‘My Account’ area. Can I print the eBooks I buy from Macmillan? Most of our eBooks cannot be printed however, any that are marked as “Photocopiable” can be printed.

How do I read Macmillan books?

To read and download your ebook, complete the following steps: 1) Please visit the ‘My eBook’ section in your MIHE account where your ebook has been added. 2) Click on your ebook. You’ll then be redirected to your VitalSource bookshelf with immediate access to your ebook.

Is Picador part of Pan Macmillan?

Winner of Imprint of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. Picador is the literary imprint at Pan Macmillan and what defines a Picador book is the author’s voice: we believe the way a story is told is just as important as the story itself.

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