What is the synonym of crouched?

hunch, hunker (down), scrunch, squat, squinch.

What is crouch down mean?

To crouch is to bend your knees, pull your body in, and sit on your heels. This position is called a crouch. You might crouch down to pet a kitten or catch a baseball. The catcher in baseball stands in a low crouch, waiting for the pitch.

What does crouching look like?

If you are crouching, your legs are bent under you so that you are close to the ground and leaning forward slightly. We were crouching in the bushes.

What does crouched in fear mean?

(intr) to cringe, as in humility or fear. (tr) to bend (parts of the body), as in humility or fear.

What is the opposite of crouched?

Antonyms. stand lie stay lie down arise sit down bend. scrunch up sit squat scrunch hunker down.

What’s the opposite of Crouch?

What is the opposite of crouch?

face meet
straighten stretch
stand straighten up
rise stretch out
come forward ascend

What is the difference between squatting and crouching?

Usually “squat” means lowering yourself with an erect body, to access an item on a low shelf (A1,A2), to excercise (B2), or even as an alternative to sitting (B1). “Crouch” means making your whole body low in order to hide (B3), or to start a race (A3).

How do you describe a crouched position?

The definition of a crouch is a position where your knees are bent and your upper body is down lower to the ground. The position you are in when you bend your knees and get down low to talk to a child is an example of a crouch. To crouch is to bend at the knee and bring your upper body down closer to the floor.

What is the sentence of crouching?

Crouching sentence example. The brows came down crouching over brooding dark eyes. Gabriel rose from his position crouching over the body of someone he knew.

Is crouched an adjective?

crouched adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.


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