Where are the living quarters on the Enterprise?

Starship personnel live in quarters on ship (also called cabins, staterooms). Depending on the facilities available, their rank, and their length of service, these may vary from a bunk in a shared cabin to a personal suite with bathroom, living area, office area, and food slots or replicators.

Where are Picard’s quarters on the Enterprise?

Captains quarters are usually always on the forward saucer of starfleet ships (facing ahead that the ship is facing when coasting or in warp)….a few decks down from bridge.

How many rooms are on the Enterprise?

Sharp-eyed observers who comb over the original series will notice clues peppered throughout that hint at there being four different transporter rooms aboard the original Enterprise.

How many quarters does Voyager have?

So first shift senior officers are Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and Tom Paris. Then 5 more (for night shift) totaling 12 then that leaves 140 who share quarters making the total of crew quarters 82.

What is Star Trek Theurgy?

Star Trek: Theurgy functions solely as non-profit entertainment for writers where no economic gain is perceived by any of its members as a result of the available media.

What deck is Captain Picard’s quarters?

Captain Picard’s Quarters – USS Enterprise (NCC – 1701 – D) This space is comparable to that of a loft apartment rather than a dorm room.

Did Kirk have a ready room?

Kirk has no ready room aboard the USS Enterprise because he did not need one; his yeoman would handle paperwork in an office adjacent to Kirk’s quarters instead.

How big is the crew of the Enterprise?

Kirk’s Enterprise had a crew of 430, 14 science labs, an observation deck, a massive lower deck which included main engineering, and a shuttle bay. The ship’s armaments included forward phaser banks and photon torpedoes.

How big is Voyager vs Enterprise?

An Intrepid-class vessel capable of holding 200 crew members, the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 is one of the fastest and most powerful starships in Starfleet. Although only 345 meters long, about half the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Voyager is more technologically advanced than previous Starfleet vessels.

Who is the best captain of the Starship Enterprise?

Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard is the best the Enterprise has ever known Probably no two Star Trek captains are weighed against each other more often than Kirk and Picard.

Who is the best captain of the starship Enterprise?

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