What size is drill stem pipe?

2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 1/2” Drill Pipe for Common Use. In API 5DP specifciations, the common use OD are 2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 1/2” drill pipes, these usually required in large amount of quantities in drilling activities.

What diameter is drill pipe?

Diameter. The outer diameter (OD) of the drill pipe is offered in nominal sizes ranging from 2 3/8″ to 6 5/8″. The diameter of pipe is selected based on the borehole diameter.

What is FH drill pipe?

FH(Full-hole style connection) This type of joint screw connects inside and outside thickened drill pipe, forming the inner diameter of the drill pipe joint is equal to thickened end diameter and they are smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe.

What is the most common range of drill pipe?

The common drill pipe length is basically from 27-30 feet which are classified as range-2 R2.

What is the thickness of drill stem pipe?

Note that drill pipes will have different thicknesses, which are specified. Examples include (but are not limited to) 2 ⅜ inch thick drill pipe, 5 inch thick drill pipe, and 6 ⅝ inch drill pipe.

How long is range 3 drill pipe?

38-45 ft.
Drill pipe tubes are furnished in the following API length ranges: Range 1: 18-22 ft; • Range 2: 27-30 ft; • Range 3: 38-45 ft.

How thick is drill pipe?

What thread is nc50?

API Standard Nc50(4-1/2″ IF) Thread Protectors

Pipe OD Size & Thread
60.33mm 2 3/8″EU
73.03mm 2 7/8″NU
2 7/8″EU
88.9mm 3 1/2″NU

What is FH thread?

FH‐ Full Hole Connections are Rotary Shoulder Connections having the V‐040 or V‐050 Thread Forms. Gauging practice and thread inspection should conform to the requirements of API Spec 7‐2.

What is premium drill pipe?

Drill pipe is most often considered premium class, which is 80% remaining body wall (RBW). After inspection determines that the RBW is below 80%, the pipe is considered to be Class 2 or “yellow band” pipe. Eventually the drill pipe will be graded as scrap and marked with a red band.

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