How do you teach Black History Month?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Black History Month

  1. Incorporate black history year-round, not just in February.
  2. Continue Learning.
  3. Reinforce that “black” history is American history.
  4. Connect issues in the past to current issues to make history relevant to students’ lives.

What activities can you do for Black History Month?

9 Fun Black History Month Activities for Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Cut-and-Paste Timeline.
  • Persuasive Essay.
  • Writing Prompts.
  • Crossword Puzzle on Civil Rights.
  • Dictionary of Black Leaders.
  • Explore Famous Black Scientists in History.
  • Black History Month Challenge Quiz.
  • Word Search and Definitions.

What should I write for Black History Month?

Black History Month 53 Writing Prompts

  • Why do we celebrate Black History Month?
  • Is it important to have Black History Month, or should it be considered part of American history?
  • Why has it taken America so long to have an African American president?
  • Is there still racism in America?

How do you explain Black History Month to preschoolers?

Celebrate Black History Month by Educating Your Kids & Yourself

  1. First, explain to your kids what “Black history” means.
  2. Next, watch history together.
  3. Invite kids to listen to inspiring Black musical artists.

How do I teach my child black history?

Try to find books that will help prepare children for the complex world in which they live. Make sure your selections include contemporary stories. Celebrate Black culture and experiences, in addition to history, through picture books, chapter books, and poetry.

How do you acknowledge Black History Month?

7 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month At Work

  1. Support Black-Owned Business.
  2. Learn about the Black History in your Area.
  3. Donate for a Cause.
  4. Organize a Diversity and Inclusion Event.
  5. Celebrate Black Literature.
  6. Be a Mentor.
  7. Support Black Art and Artists.
  8. Support Black-Owned Restaurants.

How do you research black history?

You may have to use your library sources or a research librarian to help you….

  1. Black Press USA.
  2. Ebony Online.
  3. Freedom’s Journal.
  4. Google Cultural Institute: Black History and Culture.
  5. Legal Defense Fund (NAACP) web page.
  6. Library of Congress – Map Collections, 1500-2003.
  7. NAACP Online.
  8. National Archives (Washington, D.C.)

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