Does DriveClub support steering wheel?

Only two steering wheels will be compatible with DriveClub when it launches on PS4 next week. The PlayStation Blog reports that Sony has been working with Thrustmaster to ensure that both the T80 and T300RS will work with Evolution’s racer from the off.

Is Thrustmaster T80 compatible DriveClub?

The Thrustmaster T80, Thrustmaster T300RS and Thrustmaster T500 will each be compatible with the game, with Evo said to have been “working really closely” with the manufacturer to “make sure that they’re perfectly tuned for DriveClub and PS4”.

What driving games can you use a steering wheel PS4?

PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel APEX Compatibility List

Game Title Launch Date Comp. PS5 (PS4-N)
CarX Drift Racing Online 2020/1
Crash Team Racing 2019/6
Dangero✓s Driving 2019/4
Dirt 5 2020/11

Do PC steering wheels work on PS4?

The Logitech G29 racing wheel is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4. For the ultimate racing experience, you should combine the Logitech G29 with a Playseat® racing simulator! Enjoy!

Is there a Forza for ps4?

Though there is no way of playing any Forza game on a PlayStation, those players certainly have other options. PlayStation offers several alternatives for those looking to scratch the racing game itch. The Need for Speed franchise is a great option for PlayStation players.

Does Thrustmaster work on PS4?

The Gran Turismo-branded Thrustmaster T500, which works for PC, PS3 and PS4.

What is the closest game to Forza on PS4?

The update adds more great games like Forza Horizon 5, although most are not open-world titles.

  1. 1 Need For Speed: Most Wanted.
  2. 2 Cruis’n Blast.
  3. 3 Driver: San Francisco.
  4. 4 The Crew.
  5. 5 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.
  6. 6 Motorstorm.
  7. 7 Dirt 5.
  8. 8 Wreckfest.

Can you play Need for Speed Heat with a steering wheel?

Need for Speed Heat now supports select Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec steering wheels. EA has pushed out a new update for Need for Speed Heat that not only squashes a bunch of bugs and new functions to the game, but it also adds support for steering wheels.

Can u use a steering wheel for GTA 5 on Xbox?

Yes, you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox One with a steering wheel. The game supports a wide range of controllers, including the Xbox One steering wheel.

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