Is Hyosung available in India?

Hyosung Bikes have launched 4 Bikes in India….Popular Hyosung Bike Models in India.

Model Name Ex-Showroom Price Launch Year
Hyosung GT250R ₹ 3.45 L 2014
Hyosung GT650R ₹ 4.79 L 2016
Hyosung Aquila Pro650 ₹ 5.55 L 2013
Hyosung Aquila 250 ₹ 2.84 – 3.15 L 2014

Is Hyosung closed in India?

With the DSK Group facing bankruptcy, Motoroyale has taken over sales and service for Hyosung motorcycles in India. Owners of Hyosung motorcycles can heave a sigh of relief as the South Korean two-wheeler manufacturer will continue its operations in India.

Will Hyosung come back?

Now Hyosung fans can rejoice as the Korean bike maker is partnering with the Kinetic Group, to bring the brand back to India. Rumour has it, the bike would be the successor of the Aquila 250.

Why is Hyosung discontinued in India?

Hyosung entered India back in 2003 with a partnership with Kinetic Engineering but withdrew from the Indian market after Mahindra bought Kinetic’s assets in 2008.

Is Hyosung GT650R discontinued in India?

Hyosung GT650R is now discontinued in India.

Which company is Hyosung bike?

Hyosung Group of Industries
About Hyosung Bike. Hyosung Motors is a subsidiary of the Korea-based Hyosung Group of Industries and was founded in 1978. The company did not start off by building its own vehicles but instead, provided technical assistance to other renowned brands, as evinced by the agreement between Hyosung and Suzuki in 1979.

Who manufactures Hyosung?

Hyosung has become the leading motorcycle manufacturer from Korea since its inception in 1978. A cooperative agreement with Suzuki Motor Corp of Japan in 1979 helped it get its feet on the ground to where annual production approaches 200,000 units and it has a 40% share in its home market.

Is Hyosung a good brand?

Conclusion: Hyosung motorcycles tend to get a bad rep in the motorcycle industry because there are so many other brands that seem to be better, but you must give it a chance. These motorcycles are inexpensive, have low maintenance costs, and are super reliable for beginner riders.

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