How can I buy a bike in Nepal?

Documents needed to buy Bikes in EMI

  1. 2 Passport size photos.
  2. citizenship certificate/passport Photocopy.
  3. Pictures of the bike to be obtained before the implementation of EMI.
  4. Driving License of two-wheeler.
  5. Electricity/ Water bill.
  6. Land ownership certificate photocopy if needed.
  7. MOA and AOA photocopy if needed.

Can I import bike from Nepal?

Yes. You can import a brand new bike without much hassles. You cannot import a used bike from another country UNLESS you owned the bike in the other country for a certain minimum period of time.

Which bike is popular in Nepal?

SN Best Bikes Under 4 Lakhs Price in Nepal
5. Yamaha FZS FI v3.0 BS6 Rs. 384900 – Rs. 389900
4. Suzuki Gixxer 155 Rs. 356900 – Rs. 381900
3. Hero Xtreme 160R BS6 Rs. 343500
2. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS Rs. 395900

Why bike are expensive in Nepal?

There are multiple reasons for these increased prices within Nepal, but a primary culprit is the “Annual renewal tax.” This is a one-time cost in India, yet the same tax is imposed yearly in Nepal. It costs NRs 4,500 annually to renew a 150-cc bike.

Which bike is best for Kathmandu?

List of 10 Best Bikes in Nepal under 4 Lakhs with Price

S.N Best Bikes in Nepal Amount in Rupees
1 Yamaha FZS FI 25 Rs. 4,34,900
2 Yamaha FZ Fi V2 Rs. 2,79,900
3 Yamaha FZS Fi V3 Rs. 3,23,900
4 Bajaj Pulsar 150 Rs. 2,59,900

Is Nepal license valid in India?

Yes, he can with international driving licence or international driving permit from the local RTO office. International driving license is a translated copy of the original driver’s licence that is issued by State transport licensing authority in India.

Is Indian vehicle allowed in Nepal?

Indian registered vehicles, including two wheelers, can visit the nearest municipal area/market in Nepal for a day long visit without payment of any Customs duty. However, the vehicle owners are required to register their vehicle at the Nepalese border check post and obtain a ‘Day Pass/Challan’.

Which bike has best resale value in Nepal?

Most Popular Second Hand Bikes in Nepal

  • #1. Bajaj Pulsar 150.
  • #2. Bajaj Pulsar 220.
  • #3. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 (non-ABS)
  • #4. Honda Shine.

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