What characters are at a Renaissance Fair?

1 Knights. Out of all the people you’ll see at a Renaissance Fair, the knights are my favorites.

  • 2 Dogs in Costume.
  • 3 Gargoyles!
  • 4 Kilts, Kilts and More Kilts.
  • 5 Minstrel Acts.
  • 6 Roman Guards.
  • 7 Lord of the Rings Characters.
  • 8 Game of Thrones Characters.
  • What do you wear to Ren Faire?

    Most men choose to wear full-length breeches or half-length breeches with socks tucked into simple leather boots. For summer Ren Faires, tights would be uncomfortably warm anyway. DON’T dress as a pirate!, Trekkie, mermaid, elf, unless its’ that kind of Renaissance Faire.

    How did Ren Faires start?

    The first true Renaissance Faire, as we know them today, was the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California in 1962. Originating as a one-off fundraiser event for a local radio station, the RPFS is still alive today, having grown into a massive festival that attracts a quarter of a million visitors annually.

    Where is the largest Renaissance Festival in the US?

    Minnesota Renaissance Festival This festival — held from the beginning of August through Labor Day weekend — has become the largest Renaissance Festival in the US, with an annual attendance of 300, 000 people.

    What era are renaissance fairs?

    A Renaissance festival is a theme park based on the culture of Europe in the 14th-17th centuries, the historical era known as the Renaissance. Participants in these festivals attempt to recreate the feel of this earlier period with archaic costuming, architecture, and speech patterns.

    Can you bring a real swords to Renaissance Festival?

    We recommend you leave unnecessary articles in your car and secure valuables in your trunk. Restricted Items: The following items are not allowed at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire: Firearms, knives, razor blades, weapons or objects of any kind capable of causing harm are strictly forbidden.

    How big is the PA Renaissance Faire?

    35 acres
    The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is a Renaissance fair occurring over 13 weekends from early-August through late-October on the grounds of the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Manheim, Pennsylvania….

    Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
    Area 35 acres (140,000 m2)
    Stages 15
    Website www.parenfaire.com/faire.html

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