What is the most common Dobro tuning?

The Dobro or Reso is commonly tuned to GBDGBD, and Open G chord, but there are many other tunings. Because of the fretless nature of resophonic guitars, it is possible to vastly improve the interval tuning using pure or “half tempered” instead of Equal Tempered tuning.

Is a Dobro tuned the same as a guitar?

From low to high notes, the standard tuning for Dobro in bluegrass music is: G, B, D, G, B, D. For anyone that plays guitar, it’s the same tuning for an Open G Chord. Here’s an easy way to think about it: the 3 high notes are the same are the 3 low notes, just one octave apart.

What kind of Dobro does Jerry Douglas play?

Douglas’ jamming room at home is a jumble of cases of all shapes, sizes, conditons, and vintages. Among his collection is an early-’30s “double cyclops” Dobro, which instead of the standard two vent holes on the bouts, has twinned holes at the based of the fretboard.

How is a resonator guitar tuned?

Tuning for the resonator guitar within the bluegrass genre is most often an open G with the strings pitched to D G D G B D or G B D G B D, from the lowest to highest. Occasionally variant tunings are used, such as an open D: D A D F# A D.

Who is the best Dobro player?

The Top 25 Dobro Players

  • Mike Auldridge (1938 – 2012) A legendary player, founding member of the band The Seldom Scene, and an influence on following generations of dobro players.
  • Johnny Bellar.
  • Greg Booth.
  • Bob Brozman.
  • Curtis Burch.
  • Billy Cardine.
  • Cindy Cashdollar.
  • Jerry Douglas.

Is the Dobro hard to learn?

Once you get started with your lessons, you will soon discover that the dobro is a surprisingly easy instrument to learn. Beginners can get started without prior knowledge and best of all, individuals of all ages, young and old, can get started and have a wonderful time picking and grinning.

Who is the best dobro player in the world?

Is the dobro hard to learn?

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