What is the meaning of Nyungu ya Mawe?

The name Nyungu Yamawe is synonymous with the King of the Nyamwezi people, in the Northern part of Tanzania and South-Western Uganda. The word Nyamwezi comes from Unyamwezi, meaning a people who used to travel when the full moon was up in the Sky.

Why was Mirambo called so?

He was notable for opposing the Arab allies of Henry Morton Stanley. Stanley dubbed Mirambo “the African Bonaparte” for his military talents.

Who is the leader of Nyamwezi resistance?

Starting in 1891, Nyamwezi Chief Isike fought the Germans in Tabora region in the Western part of Tanganyika. Defeated in 1892, rather than surrendering, he blew himself up in the armoury of his fort in January 1893.

Who were the Ntemi?

place in Eastern African history Ntemi (as the office was called) became prevalent among both the Sukuma and the Nyamwezi. They (the ntemi) were probably as much ritual leaders as political rulers; certainly they do not seem to have exercised before the 19th century a “state” authority that was characteristic…

Who was Isike?

Isike (1893– ), last chief (mtemi, Kinyamwezi) to rule Unyanyembe, an important Nyamwezi chiefdom in western Tanzania, before the German conquest, was the second son of Mkasiwa Kiyungi.

Why were the Nyamwezi called so?

The term Nyamwezi is of Swahili origin, and translates as “people of the moon” on one hand but also means “people of the west” the latter being more meaningful to the context. 4.5 Million c.

Who was chief Mirambo?

1840-1884) Mytela Kasanda, or Mirambo, was a Nyamwezi warlord who gained control of much of east central Africa. He was born into the royal family of the small chiefdom of Uyowa, and likely became chief after the death of his father around 1860.

Who was the leader of the Nyamwezi?

Mirambo, (died 1884, Tanganyika [now Tanzania]), Nyamwezi warlord of central Africa whose ability to unite the many hitherto separate Nyamwezi clans into a powerful kingdom by the 1870s gave him strategic control of Swahili-Arab trade routes and threatened the preeminence of the Swahili-Arabs’ colony in Unyanyembe ( …

Who betrayed Abushiri?

Abushiri was also betrayed by the Uzigua under Mkubwa. He assisted the Germans against Abushiri. 9.

What were the roles of Ntemi?

The main functions of the Ntemi He was Commander-in-Chief of the army. He ruled the chiefdom. He made political decisions on behalf of the clan. As a religious leader, he made sacrifices to the gods on behalf of the chiefdom.

What is Ntemi system?

Ntemi means to clear by cutting from proud first-comers to a given region, with units often breaking apart as thwarted challengers pressed out into the unsettled frontier; and second, the outsider “stranger” chief, often a hunter, whose ability to impose an impartial justice over local disputes secured his authority.

Who was Mganwe?

Mganwe – He carried out religious ceremonies and functions. Kikoma – He was in charge of passing on news in the chiefdom. Mtwale – He prepared the army for war.


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