What command displays the contents of the routing table?

netstat -nr command
You can display the routing table’s contents with the netstat -nr command. The -r option tells netstat to display the routing table, and the -n option tells netstat to display the table in numeric form.

What is the IP address configured on R1?

Addressing Table

Device Interface IP Address
R1 G0/0
S0/0/0 (DCE)
R2 G0/0

What command will show all information about the interface?

To display summary details of the system interfaces, use the show interface summary command. This command has no arguments or keywords. To display details of the system interfaces, use the show interface command.

What does fa0 1 mean?

on a cisco switch ethernet interface fa 0/1 mean. fa means fast ethernet. 1 means interface 1.

Which command is used to display directly connected routers?

Use the show ip route EXEC command to display the current state of the routing table.

Which command only displays directly connected networks?

In the examples above we’ve used the show ip route connected command to display only the directly connected routes in the routing table.

What does the value 1 in G flag of a routing table signify?

If the route is a gateway then this ‘G’ flag will be present. If this is not present, then we can understand that there is no direct connection to the destination is available.

Which command displays a brief summary of the current interfaces interface status and the IP addresses assigned to them?

IOS command #2: Show IP interface brief The show IP interface brief command gives you the answers to these questions and is the best summary of the status, protocol and IP addresses of your interfaces. This command can be used in both User EXEC and Privileged EXEC mode. This command can be abbreviated sh ip int brie.

How does a router handle a packet destined for a network that is not listed in the routing table?

When a router receives a packet, the router checks its routing table to determine if the table lists the destination address in the header. If the table does not contain the destination address, the router forwards the packet to another router that is listed in its routing table.

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