Is Columbia Basin College a 4 year college?

The BAS degree is a four-year degree, specifically designed to build on professional-technical associate degrees, such as Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees. BAS degrees include core courses from the related AAS degree, general education courses and upper division (300 and 400 level) courses.

Is Columbia Basin College good?

“Columbia Basin College (CBC) is absolutely the best college for anyone looking to get a degree/certificate. There are numerous programs that a student can get into. All the programs are hands on experience and really prepares you for your career. The professors at CBC are very caring, understanding and helpful.

Does Columbia Basin College have dorms?

Built to Promote Academic Success Columbia Basin College has a three-story student housing facility called Sunhawk Hall, located just off 20th Avenue across the street from the CBC Pasco campus.

What division is Columbia Basin College?

CBC is a member of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) and the mascot is the Hawk.

Is Columbia Basin College accredited?

Columbia Basin College’s Accreditation Columbia Basin College is a member institution with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Columbia Basin College’s accreditation status is Accreditation Reaffirmed.

What is a passing grade at Columbia Basin College?

P grades
Passing grades = 1.0 – 4.0 and P grades. Non-passing grades = 0.0, I, N, W and Z grades.

What is Columbia Basin?

The Columbia Basin Province occupies the entire south-central portion of the state. It is a wide, arid lowland area between the Okanogan Highlands, the southern Cascade Range, the Idaho Rockies, and continues on through much of eastern Oregon and northern Nevada.

Does Columbia Basin College have a football team?

The 1978 Columbia Basin College football team gave CBC its only national championship in school history.

What college is in Pasco Washington?

Columbia Basin College
Clare’s Beauty College Inc
Pasco/Colleges and Universities

What type of college is Columbia Basin College?

public community college
Columbia Basin College (CBC) is a public community college in Pasco, Washington. It is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

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