Can I remove Apache from Ubuntu?

Ubuntu’s APT package manager gives us two different options for uninstalling packages from the system: remove and purge. Remove will uninstall Apache from the system, but leave the configuration files behind. In particular, this means that site configuration files in the /etc/apache2 directory are left alone.

How do I completely remove Apache?

Type “httpd -k uninstall” and press “Enter” to remove the Apache service.

How do I completely remove apache2 from Linux?

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  1. First stop the apache2 service if it is running with: sudo service apache2 stop.
  2. Now remove and clean up all the apache2 packages with: sudo apt-get purge apache2 apache2-utils apache2.2-bin apache2-common //or sudo apt-get purge apache2 apache2-utils apache2-bin apache2.2-common.

How do I uninstall apache2 Debian 11?

Here is how you remove Apache2 cleanly on Ubuntu and Debian. The first step is to stop any running instance of Apache2, because Apache2 will not be properly removed while it is running. Then uninstall Apache2 and its dependent packages. Use purge option instead of remove option with apt-get command.

How do I uninstall Apache from Windows?

Go to Windows Services and check that Apache is no longer listed as a service. Uninstall Apache HTTP Server 1.3. 26 in Add/Remove Programs by clicking Remove. Delete any Apache installation directories in Windows Explorer, for example, C:\Apache.

How do I install Apache on Ubuntu?

  1. Installing Apache. To install Apache, install the latest meta-package apache2 by running: sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2.
  2. Creating Your Own Website. By default, Apache comes with a basic site (the one that we saw in the previous step) enabled.
  3. Setting up the VirtualHost Configuration File.

How do I completely remove Nginx from Ubuntu?

How to completely remove NGINX server from Ubuntu

  1. sudo apt-get purge nginx nginx-common. Copy.
  2. sudo apt-get autoremove. Copy.
  3. rm -rf /etc/nginx. Copy.

How do I remove apache2 from Debian 9?

To uninstall apache2 you have to use apt-get remove apache2 . This will still leave config files behind, though. To fully uninstall apache2 and remove its config files try apt-get purge apache2 .

Where Apache is installed in Ubuntu?

/etc/apache2/ directory
Like many Linux-based applications, Apache functions through the use of configuration files. They are all located in the /etc/apache2/ directory.

How do you check if Apache is installed or not?

Apache HTTP web server Go to http://server-ip:80 on your web browser. A page saying your Apache server is running properly should show up. This command will show whether Apache is running or has stopped.

How do I uninstall httpd server?

Uninstallation of Agent for Apache HTTP Server on Windows Systems

  1. Change to the following directory: PolicyAgent-base \
  2. Run the following command to uninstall the agent: java -cp . uninstall_Sun_Java_tm_System_Access_Manager_Policy_Agent.
  3. Click Next in the Welcome panel.
  4. Click Uninstall Now.
  5. Restart the server.

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