What is normalized deviation?

Normalization of deviance is a phenomenon by which individuals, groups or organizations come to accept a lower standard of performance until that lower standard becomes the “norm” for them.

What is normalization of deviance in healthcare?

Situation: Normalization of deviance is the gradual process of deviating from standard operating procedure (SOP) for various reasons and the deviation becomes the norm as no immediate adverse outcomes occur. Normalization of deviance in patient care has the potential for devastating outcomes.

What leads to normalization of deviance?

Normalization of deviance can exist in conjunction with corporate omerta where deviation from rules is held up by a code of silence surrounding the deviations or an unspoken agreement on rhetoric within a group of executives.

Who coined normalization of deviance?

sociologist Diane Vaughan
Normalization of deviance is a term first coined by sociologist Diane Vaughan when reviewing the Challenger disaster.

What is an example of normalization of deviance?

If you’ve worked a job, attended school, driven a car, or even just grew up with a guardian, you’ve most likely experienced normalization of deviance. It happens when your boss tells you to do one thing but all your coworkers do something else and your boss expects you to do the same as them.

How can we prevent normalization of deviance?

A company must be transparent about their standards and consequences of not meeting them. Also, creating a culture that is less individualistic and more team-based is helpful to stop the normalisation of deviance. Each person should be looking out for the company and team as a whole.

What is normalization of deviance aviation?

Today, the term normalization of deviance — the gradual process by which the unacceptable becomes acceptable in the absence of adverse consequences — can be applied as legitimately to the human factors risks in airline operations as to the Challenger accident.

What is Diane Vaughan’s theory?

http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781412959193.n269 Sociologist Diane Vaughan has developed an empirically grounded theoretical argument that many unlawful or deviant organizational actions can best be understood as the result of a social process she calls the normalization of deviance.

How can you prevent Normalisation of deviance?

Don’t use past success to redefine acceptable performance. Require systems to be proven safe to operate to an acceptable risk level rather than the opposite. Appoint people with opposing views or ask everyone to voice their opinion before discussion. Keep safety programs independent from those activities they evaluate.

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