Is Sworkit any good?

SworkIt is an amazing fitness app for anyone trying to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle but does not have the time to get to the gym. SworkIt offer a great range of stand alone workouts and extensive exercise programs to suit your goals.

Is Sworkit Free 2021?

Annual price of $59.99 or monthly price of $9.99 with a 7 day free trial. Best for: Everyone!

Does Sworkit have a free version?

Sworkit is free to download and all Kids content is 100% free. All other workouts require an active subscription.

Is Sworkit safe?

This particular feature and their mindful workouts make Sworkit relatively safer than other fitness apps in the market. Its customizability and opportunity to ask fitness-related questions to a certified trainer is closer to safe than following defaulted workouts that lacks personalization.

How much is Sworkit a month?

Sworkit. Price $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

Is Sworkit free for teachers?

Sworkit Youth Initiative: Who We Help Under this initiative, any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Sworkit’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS, and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to our extensive library of workouts.

How much is Sworkit monthly?

$9.99 USD
Sworkit currently offers two subscription option: An annual subscription for $59.99 USD and a monthly subscription for $9.99 USD. Don’t know if you want to commit to a subscription right away? That’s ok, we understand! That’s why we offer you a risk-free 7-Day trial.

How long is Sworkit free?


Do you have to pay for Sworkit?

The SworkIt app is free to download for both iOS and Android. There is a free version anyone can use, and an in-app upgrade to a Premium account costs $2.99 per month, a very reasonable price compared with you have to pay for other premium fitness app memberships.

How do you use a sweat deck?

It’s simple: Assign an exercise to each suit & perform them as cards are drawn from the deck – the card’s value represents how many reps of the exercise to do. Do you have what it takes to make it through an entire deck of cards? Sweat Deck is also a quick & casual way to add a bit more exercise into your day.

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