What does Hot minute actually mean?

An extremely short period of time; moment
Noun. hot minute (plural hot minutes) An extremely short period of time; moment.

What does Red Hot mean slang?

Red-hot is used to describe a person or thing that is very popular, especially someone who is very good at what they do or something that is new and exciting.

How much is a hot minute?

The length of a “hot minute” A minute, as we all know, is sixty seconds. While that doesn’t actually change in “a hot minute,” the expression implies that those sixty seconds feel a lot shorter or a lot longer.

What does Hot minute mean in texting?

If someone says “I’ll be with you in a hot minute,” that means that they will be with you momentarily, or as fast as they can. On the other hand, the phrase hot minute can also be used to mean a long amount of time, according to Urban Dictionary.

Where did the phrase it’s been a minute come from?

Origin of the Phrase “It’s Been a Minute” This phrase may have its origins in the term “hot minute.” A “hot minute” basically means a long time, and that phrase was first recorded in the mid-1800s.

How do you use red-hot in a sentence?

She held the dog before a red-hot fire and made it howl in agony. One example is energy, which is also a red-hot issue there. We all remember that whenever there was any question of the economy running red-hot the demand was always for cutting down public expenditure.

What is another word for red-hot?

What is another word for red-hot?

scorching burning
searing fiery
hot boiling
roasting sweltering
broiling torrid

Where did phrase hot mess come from?

But just where did the term come from? The kitchen. The term hot mess originally referred to a mess that was literally hot—mess in this case being related to the kind served in a mess hall. Before it was anything else, mess was a word for a quantity of food.

What does it mean when someone is coming in hot?

Coming in Hot:To arrive somewhere in an extremely epic fashion with much style and flair; almost to the point of being out of control.

What does the phrase in a minute mean?

in a very short time
Definition of in a minute : in a very short time : soon I’ll explain that in a minute.

What does a minute mean in slang?

1. Wait a little bit. This expression is used before explaining oneself, as in Just a minute, I didn’t mean that he was wrong, or to stop someone from something, as in Just a moment, I was here first. Also see hold everything.

What does it’s been a minute mean in slang?

When “It’s Been a Minute” Means “It’s Been Quite a While” – A Way with Words, a fun radio show and podcast about language. Listen on: Apple. Spotify.

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