Was Aang alive when Roku was alive?

Roku was reincarnated into Aang, an Air Nomad who would later become the sole survivor of the Air Nomad Genocide.

Who killed Avatar Roku?

After initially helping Roku to contain the eruption, Fire Lord Sozin betrayed the Avatar and left him to die. Seconds before a pyroclastic flow rolling down the mountainside overcame Roku’s location, Fang subsequently flew down and curled up around Roku to protect him and the two died together.

Did Aang lose connection with Roku?

After his argument with Roku, that was the first time Aang was actively trying to suppress his connection to a past life. Burning the pendant, represented him cutting himself off from Roku. Also, he didn’t permanately cut his connection to Roku.

Are Roku and Aang the same person?

Roku, Aang, Korra, are all different versions of Wan, just with different personalities and experiences. Think of it like complete amnesia. When the Avatar dies, they essentialy restart their life, but they are still technically the same person.

Why did Aang disappear 100 years?

Aang was caught in a horrible storm, and as he was about to drown, the Avatar Spirit inside him formed an air pocket, saving himself and Appa, but freezing them inside for the next one hundred years.

Why did Roku destroy the temple?

He destroyed the temple because the sages had become corrupt, so he wanted to get rid of them and the firebenders. It was to protect Aang, and there was no more use in the temple after he had already talked to him.

Who did Avatar Roku marry?

Ta Min
Ta Min was a Fire Nation noblewoman and the wife of Avatar Roku. Her long family lineage spurred many renowned figures, such as Fire Lord Zuko, Princess Azula, and Iroh, general of the United Forces.

How is Prince Zuko related to Roku?

3.6 – The Avatar and the Firelord Zuko discovers that Roku is his maternal great-grandfather. Iroh explains to Zuko that the legacy of the struggle between Roku and the latter’s paternal great-grandfather, Sozin, lives on as the struggle between good and evil within Zuko himself.

When did Zuko get a dragon?

In his 20s, Fire Lord Zuko found a juvenile dragon that he named Druk. Over the years, Druk grew up and became Zuko’s loyal companion, and the two of them flew around the world together.

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