What era are Queenslanders?

The “Queenslander” is an important part of Australia’s cultural heritage. Many of these houses were built during the latter half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but they seem to have survived remarkably well. There must be a reason for this! In the 1950s and 60s the ‘post war’ home was born.

Why are houses called Queenslanders?

Queenslander architecture refers to a signature home type that originated in Queensland, Australia in the mid 1800s and continued to be built through the end of World War II. Queenslander homes come in a number of architectural variations.

What is a traditional Queenslander house?

The quintessential Queenslander is a single detached house made of timber with a corrugated iron roof located on a separate block of land. They are all high-set, single-storey dwellings with a characteristic veranda that extends around the house to varying extents but never entirely surrounds it.

Why are Queenslanders built high?

Characteristics. Generally raised off the ground, built on stilts or stumps, the Queenslander architecture is designed to counteract extreme conditions like flooding, high temperatures and pest infestations.

How do you date a Queenslander house?

Assess the built form of your house, to determine style and approximate age. Consult historical maps to identify any changes to your suburb or street. Examine aerial photography for changes and extensions to the house over time. Source the historical tile deeds, to identify past owners and construction date.

What is an Ashgrovian?

Ashgrovian is the term coined for ‘grand gabled’ Queenslanders built between the late 1920s and World War II, originating from the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove. The Ashgrovian can be described as a distinctly Queensland take on the Californian bungalow – which was very popular in and around Sydney at the same time.

What are Queenslander homes made of?

The classic Queenslander is typically a single detached house made of timber and iron, and located on a separate block of land. The floor plan consists of four or six rooms, which branch off a centrally located corridor, and which are adorned by external shading verandas.

How are Queenslanders built?

Queenslanders were built on tall, large diameter timber stumps which allowed for very good airflow to the sub-floor this helped keep the house relatively cool, during summer seasons. The height off the ground also helped in areas that were prone to consistent flooding, unfortunately not all.

Are Queenslander houses high maintenance?

Queenslander homes are notorious for requiring ongoing maintenance. Often situated on large blocks, regular upkeep is necessary to keep them in their full glory. If you buy a Queenslander, be ready to stay up-to-date with the work needed around the house.

What is a Queenslander room?

The Australian sunroom or Queensland room is sometimes called an enclosed patio, because that’s generally what the design entails – enclosing an outdoor entertainment area and providing a barrier between yourself and the elements while not sacrificing the positives of what the great outdoors has to offer us.

How much does it cost to fully renovate a Queenslander?

The average renovation cost*, varied per state with households in Victoria topping the list, investing $71,067 per average home renovation, followed by New South Wales at $66,609 and then Queensland at $60,560.

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