What is the idiom of house?

safe as houses = very safe: “This plan is as safe as houses. It can’t fail!” get on like a house on fire = get on very well with someone: “Those two get on like a house on fire.” give house room to = give space in your house to something: “I wouldn’t give house room to that lamp. It’s horrible!”

What are some new idioms?

Common English idioms & expressions

Idiom Meaning
Every cloud has a silver lining Good things come after bad things
Get a taste of your own medicine Get treated the way you’ve been treating others (negative)
Give someone the cold shoulder Ignore someone
Go on a wild goose chase To do something pointless

Which word are words explain the meaning of the following idioms to keep house?

To maintain one’s household, especially by performing housework such as cleaning, etc. It’s hard to keep house to the same standards that you used to before you had kids. See also: house, keep.

What is the synonyms of home?

synonyms for homes

  • apartment.
  • dormitory.
  • dwelling.
  • house.
  • hut.
  • palace.
  • resort.
  • shelter.

What is another word for new home?

What is another word for home?

house place
abode dwelling
household pad
address domicile
habitation quarters

What is a noun for home?

home used as a noun: One’s own dwelling place; the house or structure in which one lives; especially the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of one’s family; also, one’s birthplace. “The disciples went away again to their own home. —John xx. 10.”

What are synonyms for home?

Synonyms of home

  • abode,
  • diggings,
  • domicile,
  • dwelling,
  • fireside,
  • habitation,
  • hearth,
  • hearthstone,

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