How much does it cost to restore an old violin?

Without seeing the instrument I suspect your local luthier will want around $2,000 to restore it to good playing condition. Besides wanting to fix the crack they will most likely want you to replace the fingerboard, have the neck angle corrected, peg holes bushed, and all that is expensive.

How do you restore an old violin?

Steaming and using a counter form can be used to restore warped wood to its original shape. Abrasions, chips and worn out peg holes can be replaced locally with minimal effects to the overall structure and will often appear seamless and invisible after retouching when left to a master craftsman.

Can a violin be refinished?

Refinishing an instrument for aesthetics is not recommended. One of history’s great, unsolved mysteries is what makes the sound produced by the finest of Italian violins so magnificent.

How much does it cost to re varnish a violin?

Major Restorations

Major Repairs Violin/Viola Cello
Top Cracks (from the outside) $40.00-$75.00 $60.00-$100.00
Varnish Touch-up $120.00 per hour $120.00 per hour
Reset Neck (Bridge is Additional) $75.00+ $100.00+
Neck Pin (includes fingerboard removal) $150.00 $200.00

What kind of finish is on a violin?

Varnishes for violins tend to be either oil varnish, or sprit based varnish (also known as shellac) and in this post, we’ll take a look at oil varnish. We know how good some old oil-based varnish recipes are because some renowned violin makers have been using varnishes based on centuries-old recipes.

How much does it cost to have a violin restrung?

Violin & Viola

Restring, including tuning $5 per string (strings not included)
Compound pegs $35
Fit pegs $20 each/$60 set
Replace tailgut $35
Replace saddle $60

How can you tell how old a violin is?

Antique violins date to at least 100 years or older, while vintage violins are more in the range of 30-100 years old. The best way to know the age of a violin is to look inside the f-hole and find the label inside the violin – a kind of sticker with the violin maker’s name and the year the violin was made.

How much does it cost to maintain a violin?

Accompanist fees average about $100 month, plus strings every 3-4 months, 2 bow hairs a year, and odds and ends like rosin.

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