What is best warlock spec for TBC?

Best PvE Spec for Warlock DPS in Burning Crusade Demonology Warlocks are going to shine on fights where there is a lot of movement, CC, and interrupts as the pet is able to keep dealing damage. Affliction provides great utility with of Malediction and Shadow Embrace.

Is destruction warlock good TBC?

Warlocks are one of the best picks in TBC Classic if you’re looking to focus purely on damage. The class has three unique specializations, but the most powerful is Destruction as the talents simply provide way more damage than Affliction and Demonology.

Is Affliction Warlock good in TBC?

Talents. Affliction spec is definitely the best spec to start raiding with as a Warlock. You get Suppression which provides you with a ton of hit rating. Your pre-raid gear isn’t going to have the hit rating required for other specs so this one skill makes Affliction the best option.

What do affliction warlocks bring TBC?

Affliction is mainly a utility choice, bringing Malediction, Shadow Embrace and Blood Pact, while still dealing respectable damage.

What professions should a warlock have in TBC?

What are the best professions for a Warlock? For PvE, you should always be Tailoring and Enchanting for the biggest boost to your DPS. If you are focusing on PvP, then you should take Engineering and Enchanting.

How much hit does a warlock need TBC?

Spell Hit Rating Against level 70 targets, you need a total of 3% Spell Hit Chance to not miss a Spell. Against level 73 (or Boss level) targets, you need a total of 16% Spell Hit Chance to not miss a Spell.

What weapons can warlocks use in TBC Classic?

Warlocks are able to use Daggers, Staves, Swords (One-handed), Off Hands and Wands.

What is Warlock crit cap TBC?

Warlock spell hit cap 16%

How much hit Do affliction warlocks need TBC?

The conversion is 12.6 spell hit = 1% hit, so we need ~202 spell hit to achieve 16% hit. We do have the Suppression talent in the Affliction tree (which reduces the required hit rating to 76), but it only affects Affliction spells (not Shadow Bolt).

How do you play Affliction on TBC?

TBC Affliction Warlock Rotation

  1. Use. Fel Armor. .
  2. Maintain your assigned curse between. Curse of the Elements. , Curse of Recklessness. , or. Curse of Doom. . if assigned. Curse of Doom. , use. Amplify Curse.
  3. Summon Imp. for. Blood Pact. .
  4. Unstable Affliction. .
  5. Corruption. .
  6. Immolate. .
  7. Siphon Life. .
  8. Cast. Shadow Bolt. as a filler.

How good were warlocks in TBC?

How good are Warlocks in TBC Classic? Warlocks are arguably the best DPS classes throughout all of TBC and likely will be throughout TBC Classic. They fight for the top spot against Hunters and the winner is normally based on the fight.


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