What does a mission controller do at NASA?

Today Mission Control is responsible for being the “eyes and ears” for astronauts on Earth. Mission controllers use a variety of computers to monitor everything from weather conditions on Earth to spacecraft communications. Mission Control is filled with computers with abbreviated titles written on top of them.

What does Mission Control handle during a space?

A mission control center (MCC, sometimes called a flight control center or operations center) is a facility that manages space flights, usually from the point of launch until landing or the end of the mission. It is part of the ground segment of spacecraft operations.

How is the space shuttle controlled?

The orbiter has the OMS (orbital maneuvering system) engines as well as the RCS (reaction control system) engines. The shuttle maneuvers into orbit using its orbital maneuvering system (OMS). The OMS has 2 rocket engines located on the outside of the orbiter, one on each side of the rear fuselage.

Who is the head of Mission Control?

GENE KRANZ One of NASA’s first four Flight Directors, Kranz began his career in the Mercury Control Center as an understudy to Chris Kraft.

Who controls a space shuttle?

At 25 miles (40 km) out, the shuttle’s landing computers give up control to the commander. The commander flies the shuttle around an imaginary cylinder (18,000 feet or 5,500 m in diameter) to line the orbiter up with the runway and drop the altitude.

What were the main purposes of the shuttle program?

The Space Shuttle program (SSP) plays a vital role in enabling NASA’s vision and mission. This includes advancing human exploration and providing safe access to space in support of human operations in low Earth orbit. The Shuttle’s primary role is to complete the assembly of the International Space Station (ISS).

Where is mission control SpaceX?

SpaceX’s mission control will be at its headquarters facility in Hawthorne, while launches will take place from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

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