Who created VS Saxton Hale?

Dr Eggman
VS Saxton Hale is a Mod for the Valve game Team Fortress 2. The original concept and ideas behind the mod were created by Dr Eggman, but the most recent version is by SolarFlare of OzzyFurocity.net. The aim of the game is to defeat the owner of Mann Co. ‘Saxton Hale’ or other subsequent bosses.

Who is Saxton Hale based on?

Day 7 Update Page: The first multi-frame Team Fortress Comic, The Insult, shows that Hale’s image was based on the famous Charles Atlas advertisements. May 20, 2009 Blog Post: Saxton Hale makes his first of a number of blog posts on the TF2 Official Website, this one linking to the Sniper vs.

Who runs Manco?

Overview. Mann Co. is a division of TF Industries founded by Zepheniah Mann. Ownership has been handed over to close friend and hunter Barnabas Hale, as stated in Zepheniah Mann’s last will and testament. The company is currently run by Olivia Mann after beating Saxton Hale in a fight for the company.

Who voiced Saxton Hale in TF2?

Jean-Benoît Blanc
Jean-Benoît Blanc is an actor, voice actor and voice director. Blanc is noted in Team Fortress 2 for performing the voice for Saxton Hale.

How do you beat Saxton Hale?

Saxton Hale is faster than you while you run backwards. If he is following you, run for a bit, turn around and shoot a few times once you have some distance between you and Saxton, then run some more to regain the distance lost.

Who is the tallest mercenary in tf2?

Heights – from shorter to taller

  • 5’7″ / 173.7 cm – Engineer.
  • 5’10” / 177.8 cm – Pyro.
  • 5’11.5″ / 181.6 cm – Scout.
  • 6’0.5″ / 184.1 cm – Soldier.
  • 6’1″ / 185.4 cm – Spy.
  • 6’1″ / 185.4 cm – Medic (0.5″ more with hair)
  • 6’2″ / 187.9 cm – Demoman.
  • 6’2″ / 187.9 cm – Sniper (0.5″ more with hair)

Is Mann Co Real?

Mann Co. is a multinational division of TF Industries with headquarters in the Badlands, near Teufort, New Mexico. In the Badlands area alone, the company operates over 300 plants, office buildings, warehouses and outlet malls.

Does Saxton Hale use Australium?

Fearing for both his safety and a potential loss of control of the mercenaries who kept his business running, the original Saxton Hale had a clone made out of pure Australium created.

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