Who has the most kick returns for touchdowns in NFL history?

Devin Hester has the most career touchdown returns, with 20 touchdown returns.

Devin Hester 156 315
Deion Sanders 188 212
Rod Woodson 238 260
Ronde Barber 241 3

Who is the best punt returner right now?

Ray-Ray McCloud
NFL Player Stats – Punt Return Yards

Rank Player Value
1 Ray-Ray McCloud 380
2 Devin Duvernay 360
3 Jakeem Grant Sr. 309
3 Gunner Olszewski 309

Which team has the highest kick return average?

Kickoff Returns

Team Avg Ret
Patriots Patriots 23.1 31
Raiders Raiders 19 22
Rams Rams 20.6 25
Ravens Ravens 26.7 23

Is Devin Hester the best returner ever?

Devin Devorris Hester Sr. He is widely regarded as the greatest return specialist in NFL history, and was the first and only person to return the opening kick of the Super Bowl back for a touchdown. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

How good was Devin Hester?

The all-time record holders in combined kick return touchdowns in a single season. Hester actually set this record with five last year (He is not given credit for returning the missed field goal — more on this later)….New Research.

PLAYER Devin Hester
TD RATE 12.8

Has there ever been a back to back kick-return?

The first was Fulton Walker of the Miami Dolphins, who returned a Washington kickoff 98 yards to the end zone in Super Bowl XVII. Super Bowl XXXV saw two consecutive kickoffs returned for touchdowns.

Who has the most punt return yards this year?

Punt return yards leaders

Year Player Punt Return Yards
2017 Jamal Agnew 447
2018 Tarik Cohen 411
2019 Deonte Harris 338
2020 Gunner Olszewski 346

Who has the most kick-return yards this year?

NFL Player Stats – Kickoff Return Yards

Rank Player Value
1 Andre Roberts 1010
2 DeAndre Carter 904
3 Braxton Berrios 852
4 Ray-Ray McCloud 842

What percentage of NFL kickoffs are returned?

Two points that need to be made. In 2020, the league set a record for touchback percentage at 61.2 percent. That means that three out of every five kickoffs resulted in a touchback. Compare this to 2003 when only 7.3 percent of all kickoffs resulted in a touchback.

What was Devin hesters longest kick-return?

108 yards
As a rookie with the Chicago Bears in 2006 Devin Hester tied an NFL record for longest return, a mark that has since been eclipsed. He scooped up the football on a missed field goal attempt and raced 108 yards for a Bears touchdown on Nov. 12, 2006.

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