Does Dubai have school holidays?

Winter break: two and a half weeks from mid-December to early January. Spring break: three weeks in late March to early April (international schools may split this into a two-week break and a one-week break) Summer break: no more than 8.2 weeks between late June and early September.

What are the school days in UAE?

The number of school days for schools following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education- MoE will be 188 days in the 2020-2021 academic year; 186 days in the 2021-2022 academic year and 188 days in the 2022-2023 academic year. Schools that do not follow MoE curriculum must have a minimum of 182 school days.

What day does school end in Dubai?

Event Name

Term 3 Starts Sunday 11th April
Eid al-Fitr * TBC Any external examinations to continue as normal Thursday 13th May 2021 – Saturday 15th May 2021 *
End of Term Students Wednesday 30th June 2021
End of Term 3 Thursday 1st July 2021 (Last day of academic year for academic staff)

What is the school week in Dubai?

The school week in UAE has shifted to a four-and-a-half-day working week–Monday through half-day on Friday. The previous system adhered to the Sunday to Thursday workweek, with Friday and Saturday as holidays.

How long is term 3 in UAE?

There are 3 terms in each academic year – with 3 holidays in between. Winter holidays span across 3 weeks; while spring holidays are around 2 weeks….School Calendar 2022-2023.

School Holidays Starts Finishes
Spring Holidays 26 Mar 2023 (Sun) 13 Apr 2023 (Thu)
Summer Holidays 30 Jun 2023 (Fri)

Does UAE have school on Friday?

Shortly before 2021 ended, the UAE government had announced that from 2022, the new weekend in the country will be Saturday-Sunday (instead of Friday-Saturday) for the public sector and schools.

Do Dubai schools have half term?

Pupils in private schools will get a three-week winter break that starts on December 13. The second term will start on January 3, 2021. Schools will get a two-week spring break from March 28 to April 15 next year and classes will resume on April 18.

What time does school start in UAE?

Schools have two options of school timings to follow for students from grades 1-4: First option: Classes to begin from 7.15am to 1.35pm Monday-Thursday, and from 7.15am to 11am on Friday. Second option: Classes to begin from 8am to 2.20pm Monday-Thursday, and from 8am to 11.45pm on Friday.

What time does school start in Dubai?

The school week runs from Monday through Friday. School on Friday will be from 07:40am – 11:30am. Our weekend is Saturday and Sunday, in common with all other schools in UAE….School Timings and Attendance.

Gates Open 07:00 am
FS1 – FS2 07:40 am – 12:10 pm
Y1 – Y13 07:40 am – 03:00 pm

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