Who is Tim Robbins partner?

Gratiela Brancusi

Tim Robbins
Spouse(s) Gratiela Brancusi ​ ​ ( m. 2017; sep. 2020)​
Partner(s) Susan Sarandon (1988–2009)
Children 2; including Miles Robbins
Website http://timrobbins.net/

Is Tim Robbins still married?

Tim Robbins has split from his wife Gratiela Brancusi. The actor, 62, filed for divorce from Brancusi in Los Angeles on Tuesday after secretly tying the knot, PEOPLE confirms.

How old is Tim Robbins now?

63 years (October 16, 1958)Tim Robbins / Age

Is the movie the player based on a true story?

The Player is a 1992 American satirical black comedy film directed by Robert Altman and written by Michael Tolkin, based on his own 1988 novel of the same name….The Player (1992 film)

The Player
Starring Tim Robbins Greta Scacchi Fred Ward Whoopi Goldberg Peter Gallagher Brion James Cynthia Stevenson
Cinematography Jean Lépine

Is Chris Sarandon married?

Joanna Gleasonm. 1994
Lisa Ann Cooperm. 1980–1989Susan Sarandonm. 1967–1979
Chris Sarandon/Spouse

Who is Susan Sarandon’s daughter?

Eva AmurriSusan Sarandon / Daughter

Who is Susan Sarandon daughter?

Who sent the postcards in The Player?

The question all Hollywood is asking: Who is the real postcard writer who threatens studio executive Tim Robbins in The Player? We think he’s the shaggy-looking scribbler (played by Brian Brophy) who eulogizes Robbins’ murder victim, David Kahane (Vincent D’Onofrio), at his funeral….The Player.

type Movie
director Robert Altman

Who was the voice of the writer in The Player?

Trivia (60) The writer pitching The Graduate: Part II to Griffin Mill is a cameo by Buck Henry (as himself).

How tall is Chris Sarandon?

6′ 1″Chris Sarandon / Height

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