How can I pay electricity bill in Bahrain?

Method of Payment

  1. eServices. Customers can pay electricity and water bills, view their bill and payment history, and more by accessing the Electricity and Water Services from the eGovernment Portal.
  2. Mobile applic​ation.
  3. eGovernment Kiosks.
  4. Fawateer Service.
  5. Banks.
  6. By ​​Mail.
  7. Direct Bank Debit​
  8. AutoPay Service​

How can I check my electricity bill in Bahrain?

Billing Enquiry

  1. By Phone: +973 17515555.
  2. By Whatsapp: +973 17515555.
  3. By Email: customercare@

How do I file a case in Bahrain?


  1. Contact centre telephone number: 17007003​
  2. Email address:
  3. National suggestions and complaints system (Tawasul):​

How can I check company details in Bahrain?

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Bahrain provides a dedicated website for the company register ( ) that allows the public to search or browse the register and find up to date details about any company with information including the company registration number, address, telephone …

How I can check my Electricity bill?

For checking your bill, visit this google, type the name of the electricity distribution company responsible for your district and add Online Bill at the end of it. Click on the search button and visit the first link. Since these links are SEO-optimized, you’ll clearly see your Bijli provider’s name written there.

How do I register for Electricity in Bahrain?

Guide to Applying for Electricity & Water in Bahrain Go to the nearest EWA Customer Services Centre and fill up the application form for “Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement, & Service Request.” Submit the application form, along with the requirements mentioned earlier. Pay the security deposit at cashier.

How can I use Ewa bill in Bahrain?

Pay the deposit fees for the electricity and water account.

  1. Submit Meter Reading. Submit the readings for Electricity and Water meters against any account.
  2. Go eBill. Subscribe to ebilling to receive your bills by email.

How do you check if u have a case in Bahrain?

To track all your submitted cases, please log in using the eKey in the top of the page. otherwise, search for a specific case by entering its Reference Number.

What is CR number Bahrain?

A Commercial Registration certificate (CR) is a legal document issued to investors upon registering their establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism.

How much is CR renewal in Bahrain?

3395 on Thursday, November 29, 2018 the activity fee will be BHD 100 for first 3 activities including activities in all branches and 4th onward each additional activity will cost BHD 100 and the Cr Renewal Fee will be BHD 50 and total CR Renewal annual fee will be BHD 150 (BHD 50 + BHD 100) with 3 or less activities.

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