What year did the band HELLYEAH come out?

Hellyeah, stylized as HELLYEAH, was an American heavy metal supergroup formed in Dallas, Texas, in 2006. The band’s last lineup consisted of lead vocalist Chad Gray, guitarists Christian Brady and Tom Maxwell, bassist Kyle Sanders, and drummer Roy Mayorga.

Did HELLYEAH disband?

Hellyeah has unsurprisingly entered a hiatus now that vocalist Chad Gray has reunited with his Mudvayne members. When asked in an interview with The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live! if Hellyeah is still a functioning band, drummer Roy Mayorga said no.

Who started HELLYEAH?

Formed by Mudvayne lead singer Chad Gray and Nothingface bassist Tom Maxwell amidst the 2001 metal package tour Tattoo the Earth, Hellyeah were completed upon the arrival of former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, marking Paul’s first band since the murder of his brother and former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell (the …

Is the lead singer of HELLYEAH the same as Mudvayne?

Chad Gray (born October 16, 1971) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of heavy metal bands Mudvayne and Hellyeah.

Did HELLYEAH get a new drummer?

On new HELLYEAH drummer Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR):

Who played drums for I don’t care anymore?

Guitarist Christian Brady suggested the 1982 Phil Collins song “I Don’t Care Anymore,” and drummer Vinnie Paul burst out laughing — not because he thought it was a bad idea, but because he and his late brother Dimebag Darrell, both of legendary metal band Pantera, recorded the track around 10 years ago with their …

Is HELLYEAH releasing a new album?

On May 13, the band announced Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga as the new tour drummer for Hellyeah, while also announcing “Welcome Home” as the title of their next album, with a new release date of September 27, 2019.

Is Mudvayne getting back together?

Mudvayne announced their big reunion in April 2021, marking their first time back together since 2009.

Why did Mudvayne go on hiatus?

Mudvayne went on hiatus in 2010, so that Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett could focus on their side group, the now-disbanded Hellyeah.

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