Who picks up donations in Alberta?

Find an Alberta Charity That Will Pick Up Your Clothing Donations & Other Household Items Donations

  • Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta – Call 1-888-477-8030.
  • Women in Need – Call (403) 252-3826.
  • The Kidney Foundation of Canada – Kidney Clothes Donation Program – 1-800-414-3484 or schedule online.

Where can I donate to Jersey City?

Click here to donate.

  • The Hoboken Shelter | 300 Bloomfield Street.
  • The Jubilee Center | 601-03 Jackson Street.
  • In Jesus’ Name Charities | 400 Willow Avenue.
  • St.
  • Symposia Bookstore and Community Center | 510 Washington Street.
  • St.
  • The Salvation Army | 248 Erie Street + 242 Martin Luther King Drive.

Why are socks the most requested item at homeless shelters?

Between walking to medical appointments, work opportunities and government agencies, not to mention searching for food banks and shower facilities, the average homeless person logs a lot of miles on foot. That can add up to many pairs of worn-through socks and shoes.

Where can I donate stuffed animals in Calgary?

Best Buy Toy Drive and Drop Off The Women’s Centre has once again partnered with Best Buy Canada. Visit any of their Calgary locations to drop off toy donations in the bins for our Holiday Toy Room.

What can you not put in a homeless bag?

Why You Should Not Put These Items Inside Homeless Blessing Bags

  • Soap With No Proper Packaging. Soaps are incredibly useful for homeless people.
  • Sticky or Hard Foods.
  • Sugary Foods.
  • Perishable Goods.
  • Cash.
  • Religious Literature.
  • Sharp or Bladed Objects.
  • Matches.

Are blessing Bags a good idea?

Blessing Bags are great to keep on hand in your car, so if you are in a situation where you find someone in need, you have the bag right there to hand to them. This is a way to demonstrate and teach your kids the act of giving in the face of a need instead of just driving by or walking away without responding.

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