Is Brunswick or Olhausen better?

Brunswick builds the hands down best Knock Down cabinet in the industry, with almost flawless construction perfected by tens of thousands of mass-produced units. Olhausen does boast better “minimum cabinet deflection”, but as impressive as these tolerances are they will not effect the roll of a 6oz billiard ball.

Are Olhausen pool tables one piece slate?

Olhausen uses three-piece, oversized Genuine Slate on all their pool tables. The Slate is diamond-honed and polished to create a smooth, flat playing surface. Each piece is checked three times before it leaves the factory. Slate is used because it is dense, but pliable, and will ensure a dead flat playing surface.

Are Olhausen pool tables solid wood?

The St. George Pool table is made from Solid Wood and features ornate carving details on apron, frame and legs. All Olhausen Pool tables are hand-crafted at our 250,000 sq. ft.

How thick is the slate on an Olhausen pool table?

Olhausen offers 7/8” thick slate, with a bed liner glued to the back as a standard, not ¾, with an up grade of 1”.

How tall is an Olhausen pool table?

8ft Pool tables are the standard home size pool table.

Do Olhausen pool tables have adjustable legs?

OLHAUSENClassic The Classic Pool Table is made from Solid Wood and features a traditional style straight cabinet design with tapered legs.

What is the most common pool table size?

An 8-foot regulation table must be 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Both 8-foot and 9-foot pool tables are the most common regulation size tables.

Can you move a slate pool table without taking it apart?

You can move a pool table a short distance without taking it apart as long with the help of several people and furniture sliders, but it could cause damage to the table and require the bumpers to be realigned, and the slate re-leveled. We recommend hiring professionals.

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